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The report from your optometrist reveals you need eyeglasses. You do not want to neglect the need for eyewear and, thus, fail to engage in proper eye care. Still, the issue of frames and whether or not to choose a designer vendor remains on your mind. There are a few things to consider before purchasing eyeglasses from Henderson Eye Center. 


Style Preferences

Those with rather bold personalities tend to search for frames with vibrant colors that match their desire to live out loud. Such individuals may also migrate towards larger frames to further drive home their style preference. 

On the other side of the spectrum is the conservative consumer who prefers eyeglasses that do not draw a lot of attention. These individuals may prefer slim styles that are just enough to fulfill the need for glasses in eye care. The conservative consumer may wear glasses more out of necessity and less as a way to bolster his or her style. 

Price Points

Those looking for designer styles such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, or Coach may be willing to pay more for frames. More frugal buyers may not desire to pay a lot for frames and, thus, may settle for less expensive, yet still functional, eyeglasses. Those with eye insurance may receive significant discounts that make designer frames a possibility. You should ask our Henderson, TX optometrist about your insurance benefits before we conduct an eye exam.

Glasses for Children

Children tend to tire of styles rather quickly. Such is the reason why it may not be the best idea to spend hundreds on designer frames when spending money on family eye care. Many children are content with glasses that are comfortable and durable. Investing in family eye care for teens may come with more considerations. Many adolescents are capable of keeping up with their items and are, thus, less likely to need several pairs of eyeglasses in a year. It may be beneficial to purchase more high-end frames for teens. 

Optometrist in Henderson, TX

At Henderson Eye Center, we can help you determine what eyeglasses are right for you and your family. Some frame options depend on the prescription provided, which is why we recommend purchasing eyeglasses in-store. For more information on our eye care services or to schedule an appointment with our optometrist, call us at .

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