Contact Lens Exams

Being able to see clearly is something that a lot of people take for granted. While some people are born with naturally good vision, a lot of people will eventually need to have the help of corrective lenses to see clearly. When you wear contact lenses, it is important that you continue to receive regular care from an optometrist. One great way to do this is through an annual contact lens exam. There are several reasons why you should come in for one of these exams on a regular basis. 


Have Prescription Needs Checked

One reason why you should come in for a contact lens exam is that you can have your prescription checked. While your contacts may be ideal for your eyes one year, people tend to have a vision that gets worse with age. On an annual basis, you should have your eyes checked to see if your contact prescription needs have changed. If this is the case, the optometrist will be able to get you into a new set of contacts that are ideal based on your vision needs. 

Receive Fitting for Lenses

Another advantage of receiving a contact lens exam from an optometrist is that you can receive a fitting for your contacts. All people have different shaped eyes, which means not all contacts are the right size and shape for all people. When you receive a contact lens exam, your eyes will be accurately measured to ensure you receive the right size and shape. Further, based on the results of the full examination, the optometrist will be able to order specialized contacts if your eyes require them based on certain health factors. 

Check Eye Health

When you come in for a contact lens exam, checking your prescription and getting you into a good set of lenses is important. However, another important part is to have your eyes checked. An optometrist will be able to evaluate your eyes to see if there are any health concerns. If there are, they can provide you with a prescription or other care plan to help improve the health of your eyes. 

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There are many reasons why you should receive an eye exam on a regular basis. When it is time for you to receive an eye exam in the Henderson, TX area, you should come to the Henderson Eye Center. At our eye center, we can provide you with all your optometry care needs. This will include providing you with an annual examination to check your eyesight and evaluate your corrective lenses needs.

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